• Regas
  • Leak testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipe & hose repair & manufacture
  • Air con repairs
  • Servicing
  • Deodorising
  • Retro fitting
  • Installation
  • Leak dye
  • Compressor guards
  • Flushing
  • Pipe modifications
  • DDR compressor testing (late European)
  • Gas recovery only

Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning

Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning offers servicing, repairs and re-gassing of automotive air conditioning systems on the Brisbane Southside, be it a truck, a crane or a car. We also offer a mobile service, yet again focussed only on the south side of Brisbane and aimed primarily at trucks and other heavy vehicles.

We understand that trucks may not be available during the week, therefore we provide a weekend mobile service for trucks if needed.

We can also provide a weekend service to car customers, however this would only be offered at our base, subject to availability. It would be best to call on the day. All our work is guaranteed except where a "regas only" is performed.

  Important: During peak times, mobile service to cars may not
     be available but can be done at our base in Pallara (next to Forest
     Lake) while you wait. Mobile service to trucks and other heavy
     vehicles is normally available. 

The answers you are looking for right now:

What does it cost to regas my car's air conditioning?

If it's a straightforward regas then the cost would be from $165.00 (including GST), depending on your location.

However if there's no gas then where's it gone? It could be because of a leak or simply not been serviced for years. In either case a leak pressure test is carried out before any gas is added to the system. If a problem is detected then we inform you of the problem and the cost involved to fix it. If you decide not to have the work done then a basic call-out fee is all you'll pay, which starts at $88.00 (including GST), again depending on your location. You can see more information about the regas process here if you're interested.

If my car needs a new compressor, is it as simple as just replacing the compressor?

It is very rare that compressors fail by themselves and failure can usually be traced to one of many possible causes. The common causes of compressor failure are outlined here.

What are your labour rates?

Our repair labour rates are charged at $88.00 per hour ($44.00 per half hour) plus any parts needed for the repair. There is no extra charge for a weekend booking.

Mastercard  Visa  We accept payment by Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa and cash.

How do I know you'll do a good job?

You can read what my customers have said about me on an independent website here. (Scroll about half way down the page to see their comments.)

Do you only work on cars and trucks?

We don't just work on everyday vehicles. We've even worked on planes and cranes!

   We can even work on planes     And we've worked on cranes     Another example of a different type of job

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New air conditioning fitted to a Delorian

Car Air Conditioning Tips

  1. Do you know that your car's air conditioning needs to be serviced annually? This means that the gas and filter should be renewed. Lack of regular service can lead to expensive air conditioning repairs.
  2. You should run your air con for at least 10 minutes a week all year round. The gas carries oil that keeps the sealing O rings in good order. Failure to run the air conditioning regularly can cause the O rings to dry out and let gas escape. You can use the air con on any temperature.
  3. Running a vehicle's air conditioning system on insufficient gas can cause a multitude of problems leading to expensive repairs.
  4. Never get a car's air conditioning system topped up.
  5. If you have a leaking system GET IT FIXED. Knowingly leaking gas into the environment is illegal and very bad for the environment.
  6. Did you know that the old R12 gas (pre 1994 vehicles) is approx 8000 times more damaging to the ozone than CO2? The current gas R134a does not harm the ozone but adds greatly to global warming.
  7. Never try to release gas from a car's air conditioning system. It's dangerous! It freeze burns on contact and disperses oxygen and is heavier than air. It boils at approximately minus 27 degrees. Licensed technicians are trained how to handle it.
  8. Do not fit used auto air conditioning parts such as condensers or filters. Systems that have been used before and the internals left in contact with air will form acid and corrode from the inside making them weak.
  9. A car's air con system must be moisture free, hence the filter has a desiccant inside to absorb moisture. The amount it can absorb is 20 ppm (parts per million) - equivalent to a tear drop.
  10. Retro fitting a pre 1994 car to the current gas is more involved than just changing the charging ports.

Things we need to know when you book a mobile air con service: (before we can give you a price)

What vehicle you have and what year it is (approx).
What suburb you want the service in.
If your vehicle is pre 1993, has it been correctly retro fitted to the current gas R134a?
Does your vehicle have dual air conditioning (rear air con)?
Have any leak additives been added to the system that you know of? (It is important to let us know if they have.)

If you wish you may send a text message with this info and your address to 0412 207 217.

Other things that can be helpful to us:

The last time you had any AC work done.
Did it stop working suddenly or gradually?
If your car is in a car port, driveway or garage, please have its bonnet facing out to give us access.
If you have a steep or narrow driveway then we may need to reposition your vehicle to a flat area.

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Contact Details

Business Name: Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning (AU19165)
Contact Name: Kieran Lawrence, Licensed ARC Technician (L046640)
Mobile Number: 0412 207 217
Facebook page: Like us on Facebook
Service Area: Brisbane southside

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